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Last updated 12 December 2010
Cat Sitting
Do you spend long periods at work or go on regular holidays
and unable to care for your lovable cat?

Do you worry about leaving your cat caged up in a cattery?

Worry about if they are getting properly treated and regular

Is the cost of leaving your cat in a cattery costing too much?

Do you worry about the security of your home while you are

In addition to looking after your pet we can also carry out
important and general duties to help keep your home secure,
clean and tidy while your pets enjoying the comfort of his
home while you are at work or on holiday.

We at Creature Care provide a comprehensive pet sitting
service and can help to satisfy all your needs and give you
peace of mind.
Our pet sitting duties can include:

(1) Calling to let your cat outside and returning to let cat in.
(2) Feeding your cat
(3) Maintaining and cleaning of litter tray.
(4) Grooming of your cat.
(5) Playing with and exercising your cat.

Contact us for more information about our pet sitting services
and costs for caring and looking after your favourite cat at

Email me at or complete and submit
our enquiry form on our contact us page.